Where do we come from?

The origins of the Catholic ChurchLatin Rite in Podillia refer to the activities of the Dominican and Franciscan orders at the beginning of the XIV century. It is known that the Dominicans founded their first monasteries in Smotrych (about 1375), Kamyanets-Podilskyi (about 1370) and Chervonograd (before 1380), and Franciscans (Conventual) in Kamyanets-Podilsky (first mention - 1402).

Our pastors


Our pastors, that are bishops, have a duty to proclaim the word of God tirelessly. The ministry of the bishop also involves the unceasing care of the Shepherd of Christ through the sacraments and acts of governance.



The most important event in the life of the Church is Passover, the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Other holidays and events of the Liturgical Year are somehow rooted in this Event.



Jesus Christ sent his disciples to proclaim the Gospel at all ends of the world. Thanks to the work and creativity of the Apostles, the Word of Good News today has enveloped almost all humanity. However, the work of the Gospel can not be stopped until the Lord comes in glory.