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We want to express our support to the plans of building the Diocesan  Seminary in Kamyanets Podilskiy Diocese.

At the XLVI Plenary Meeting of the Conference of the Ukrainan Roman Catholic Conference of the Bishops we were informed of the reasons that persuade to take such a decision.  We understand that the Diocese requires corresponding conditions for its further development.

We trust that the fulfillment of this task will serve the whole Catholic Church in Ukraine and will bring aboundant spiritual fruits.

Vorzel, 27.04.2016



Archbishops and Bishops of the Ukrainan Roman Catholic Conference of the Bishops

Signed by:

Witalij Skomarovski

Antal Majnek

Stanislaw Szyrokoradiuk

Marian Buczek

Leon Maly

Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki

Piotr Malczuk

Leon Dubrawski

Bronislaw Bernacki

Jacek Pyl

Jan Sobilo

Radoslaw Zmitrowicz

Ukranian Bishops' Conference support letter




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